"The maturity of a science is given by its measurement instruments"

Louis Pasteur


the lineage tracing method.

Our technology has the potential to give accurate and comprehensive measures of the microtype of individuals. Accurate measurement of gut ecology will allow for more personalisation in the delivery of treatment to diseases related to it.

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We have adapted a technology developed for lineage tracing to the study of the microbiome. In the long term, this technology has the potential to allow the treatment of many forms of disease caused by imbalances of the gut ecology through the modulation of the diet. 



The microtype.

Different consumers may react differently, the cause of which will be identifiable with our lineage tracing analysis.

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Our analysis allows:

  • To identify the targeted customers more likely to benefit from the product
  • Evidence based re-formulation of the product for maximum efficacy
  • The design of other related products
  • For evidence to market the product to consumers


Next generation probiotics.

  • Accurate measurement - You will be able to accurately measure the effect your probiotics are having on the microbiome of your consumers.
  • Personalisation - You will be able to identify "microtypes" of the population more susceptible of benefitting from a given probiotic; no method currently exists.