"The maturity of a science is given by its measurement instruments"

Louis Pasteur


Identifying The microtype.

At a specific point in time, the individuals' microbiome has a distinct configuration. With our method, you will be able to understand the individuals' Microtype and how it is different from others.

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Different consumers may react differently to a treatment, the cause of which will be identifiable with our lineage tracing method.



measuring probiotics.

Every probiotic strain has a uniquely identifiable signature. REM Analytics' lineage tracing method was developed to analyse mixed cell populations. It can accurately measure the relative ratio between groups of bacterias present in the gut with a precision down to the strain level.


With our method, you will be able to measure the colonisation of a specific probiotic strain.




the lineage tracing method.

The lineage tracing method has the potential to give accurate and comprehensive measures of the Microtype of individuals as well as the probiotic strain they have taken.

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Accurate measurement of the Microtype will allow for more personalisation in the delivery of treatments.



    Next generation probiotics.

    REM Analytics' lineage tracing method will allow probiotics companies to not only measure the effects of their probiotics on Microtypes, but also provide a new way of product development.


    Accurate measurement

    You will be able to accurately measure the effect your probiotics are having on the microbiome of your consumers.



    You will be able to identify "Microtypes" of the population more susceptible of benefitting from a specific probiotic.